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The Neighborhood MILF: Margaret

It"s amazing how things fall into place sometimes. Fate has a funny way working things out. An example would be my former volleyball... ......

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Sex With Amy Jo Johnson (The Pink Ranger) updated

I had sex with Amy Jo Johnson on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while she was playing Kimberly Hart... the pink ranger. I o... ......

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Crossdresser for mature couple

I am a bi crossdresser as may be apparent....and love pussy or cock. I registered on a swingers site looking for a meeting with similar people. I was actively looking for an older couple to have some... ......

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Weak ....Again

Kerri my girlfriend Kept licking my pussy, she loved the way I reacting to her. She didn"t know the ONLY thing on my mind is that Big Fat dick of Victors and how he made me almost pass out. I had to s... ......

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Adi Learns to Squirt

John unlocked the front door. He had had a busy day at work, and was ready to crash on the sofa, watch a bit of TV and, if he could be bothered, cook something later. More likely just shove something... ......

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The slow day at the office

The president and vice-president of the company didn’t show up on account of being in sunny and warm las vegas, during this wintry storm. My wife was out after having a baby and she was at home nursin... ......

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Worshipping a Goddess – a perv’s steps to ecstasy

I’d never have dreamed it when I was younger, but I’ve managed to personally worship 4 Goddesses – and on two occasions my Goddess was accompanied by another Goddess. First of all, you need to know... ......

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BBC for the girls.

BBC for the Girls. Before we divorced, my ex-wife Pat and I spiced up our sex lives with that new thing called “social media”, and eventually exchanged details and photos on a site not dissimilar to... ......

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mom and me

hi i"m Abhinav,20 i am currently doing my college in chennai,India.My mom is brindha,48.She looks a bit fat but even at this age is is really gorgeous.She has a nice pair of boobs they are D cup so ob... ......

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Settling the Estate

“I’ll be back in two weeks, mama,” the 51 year-old said. “Okay, sweetheart. Drive safe. Let me know when you make it home,” replied the septuagenarian with thinning onyx dyed hair pulled into a bun.... ......

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Tranny used in the woods

I just had to share this as I realised one of my ultimate fantasies at the weekend. A couple of weeks ago I met a guy online (Mark) and we met up and had some fun together. A few days later he got in... ......

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Next door

I had been at the club for almost 4 hours and had been fucked in the ass and mouth by so many cocks that I had lost count and was tired. I started to get dressed for the ride home when I figured what... ......

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