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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 48

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi ****** Chapter 48- The Cosmopolitan Quarter ******​ Our story thus far: The arrival of Rhino RMM Inc. had t... ......

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Gran Meets Me Halfway

It might have been a scenario I conjured up on my way to the bathroom for my first hand crank of the day but would certainly have made a quick retreat had I known my mother"s mother was topless the ot... ......

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My New Family. My First A.

Angie, my foster sister, bounced into the kitchen ahead of me, eager to tell our foster mother the good news. "Momma! Momma! Guess what?" she said excitedly. "What Angie?" replied our foster mother. "... ......

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Lessons Learned in Forced Feminization, You Decide

So did this title catch your attention. Will you read on?? Ok so I"m not going to tell you I was forced onto hormones, I didn"t get huge breast implants or permanent makeup tattooed on my face. I cann... ......

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Sunday morning - real life

This is not a story, this is as it actually happened, how we made love on Sunday morning, as requested by a friend on XH. (Jane tells the first part and Billy tells the second part). I opene... ......

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The estate agent

I arrived at the estate agents at 9:00 sharp Zoe was meeting me there just after, the shop was locked, I looked at my watch, it said 9:02, just as I looked up a silver series 5 BMW pulled up and parke... ......

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Neighbour SG 2

Olivia ok then i will shake it out for you in return for your good massage. Me ok Olivia start to pull down my boxer to my knee while i took off my shirt. Olivia wow, you shave regularly? Me yes it... ......

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A Tinder Hook Up...couldnt walk properly anymore

I have always wanted to get fucked by a huge dick. I always imagined how it felt to get my pussy stretched. The feeling of pain and pleasure. A lot of times I would watch big dick porn and masturbate... ......

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My Transgender Love - Week 2

At the start of the second week, we left the hotel to stay for one night at her little house where her friend is also living temporarily. I didn’t think we would be able to have sex but when her frien... ......

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Pushing them to the limits XIII

Chapter 8 The next few days I had to work, nothing special happened. Until after five days I went to the farm with my wife. A few pickups were parked on the yard, They were going to build an e... ......

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Summer of 86‘ Part III

Summer of 86’ Part III Saturday morning we all were at Mission Beach deciding where to eat and hang out. Maggi was radiant, her tan was glowing and she had an air about her that exuded confidence. Ma... ......

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Meetup with Ted and Tina 2

This is a part 2 and I am not reviewing 1 here. If you want to understand how we got here and who we are, read this story first. ......

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