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Adventures With Shalini And Geet

... ......

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If it only happened once

Every other year or so, my wife joins me on my annual work trip to Las Vegas. She usually comes at the end of the week and we extend the trip for a few extra days of fun. A lot of fun, it’s Vegas! Thi... ......

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Two BBCs in three days.

In my last story, I recounted the first time I was fucked. It was an eye opening experience. While I really enjoyed the act, it left me feeling a little vulnerable. I returned home from that business... ......

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Step Sibling Encounters: Why teens don’t make thei

Step parents like any adults managing a household and trying to keep it presentable and tidy insist that the young college offspring under their roof pull their weight with the basics and at least kee... ......

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So Monday Night Raw was AMAZING!!! I emptied my balls so many times. And my dreams came true with some fun time in the shower with the Hugger herself Bayley. There was so many sexy ladies of WWE there... ......

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Slutty girls fantasy

Slutty girls fantasy Fantasy #1 I am dressed in a very skimpy black skirt barely covers my bottom, lacy pink boy cut panties that cling to my pussy lips like a second skin,black thigh highs and my se... ......

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Turned out

In the summer of 1999 things were going just about as good as a 18 year old k** could ask for. I had a new car, a part time job delivering pizza and I always seemed to have girls hanging around. I thi... ......

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I Thought Someone Was Hurting You

I Thought Someone Was Hurting You Cat was walking all the way to Jade"s house to work on a science project, it was 90 degrees outside on a Saturday afternoon. When Cat finally reached Jade"s h... ......

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Love is a 5 Way Street: Chapter 1

Killer Tuna Redux 2 - Love is a 5 Way Street: Chapter 1 Freddie really didn"t want to wake up, but as the dull vibrations from his phone alarm shook the nightstand next to him, he didn"t hav... ......

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Cucked at a wedding - Part 1

After the first time my wife slept with another guy in February we had amazing sex for a few weeks and both agreed if the chance came up again she should take it. We were invited to a friend"s weddin... ......

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip - Part Seven

Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part Seven We all went up to our room and once the door was shut Mark pulled open a drawer and took out my... ......

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My first bisexual experience

True Story (I know, everyone says that, but this is true) When I was 20 years old I attended a small University in a small College town. I was a great experience. Over half of the town was College k... ......

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