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It's all in my head

My name is Jake, I am a straight married 54 year old white man with two married daughters, who has a good life, I have on occasion submitted sexually to dominate males. I was whipped with a belt OFTEN... ......

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I first met Berlinda when I was an intern on 10 Central. I was fresh out of medical school and during my intern year, I was assigned two months in General Medicine. General Medicine of course became e... ......

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My 11th Prostitute and first car date.

The 11th prostitute I saw was cute-as-a-button and in her early 20’s. We had originally planned to meet at a hotel, but things fell through and we ended up doing a car date, my very first car date exp... ......

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Threesome with my friend and his wife (Desi, Paki,

This is the true story of my friend Usman and his wife Ayesha. Usman is 28 and Ayesha is 23 years old and they are married for three years now. I moved to his hometown last year in July and we became... ......

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Hailey Helps Out

Since I snuck into my neighbor Mr. Chapman’s backyard and got caught naked in his pool, my life had been a roller coaster of experiences. Who knew meeting my hunky black neighbor would turn into a sex... ......

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First time with a shemale in public

So its been a minute since my last story on here so I"m back with hopefully another banger. Let me know what you think, feedback is always appreciated. :) This story took place around February 14th... ......

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First Massage

It was my first massage. I went to a local place recommended to me by the boys at the refinery. They laughed and winked at each other when they made the recommendation. I wasn’t sure why at the time.... ......

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Jessica's Story

We were late in getting back from the concert. Cindy was tired but I had taken some speed so I was wired. We decided to stay at her place for the night since her parents were away. We were supposed to... ......

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Sleep Over

wrote this one a while ago. Lying on the sofa after everyone had gone to bed, Adam was glad that he had decided to offer to let them stay the night. Yes they had had a drink or two but he had been fa... ......

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Anal Applause

ANAL APPLAUSE By: Mack Burge It was 2006. Nassar was enjoying his time after college. Everyday by strolling around in noon and then came to his home. His parents were both used to come in the even... ......

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It was no wonder really Michael was a mixed up k**. There was no male role-model in his life: his father was an engineer working on oil rigs in the South China Sea, (whever that is), so he was compl... ......

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My first gay experience

I was around 20-21 when I had my first gay experience. I was never really attracted to men, but I occasionally would have fantasies about cock, and having thoughts about sucking and having a cock in m... ......

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