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Unsere Besuche in einer frivolen Bar

Hallo, ich bin 38, sexuell aufgeschlossen und exhibitionistisch veranlangt. An Wochenenden kann man mich in Clubs oder einer frivolen Bar antreffen. Ich kleide mich dazu figurbetont, sexy, trage nie e... ......

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Dave – Life After Florence

Nothing was ever awkward although I thought the next morning would be especially with Meghan, we had got quite close but even she was happy to go back home, I think she really did miss her daddy, but... ......

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Across My Wife's Knee

It seems strange to me now but I"m in this position by choice. It"s an embarrassing and humiliating position and at this moment I can"t for the life of me explain why I chose this lifestyle? When I"m... ......

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My Handjob

This is my technique and oddly enough my mother taught me how to do it.... Which is a whole other story indeed. Sliding in behind my husband Alex. I naked of course. He who was laying on the sofa hal... ......

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Second hand poked

I like big butts and I cannot lie. no I"m not sir mix a lot but yes I do like full figured chicks, there"s something about a woman with a fat posterior that gets me hard every time.I spotted tall blo... ......

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Sexteen Simone Slow Seduction 2: Striptease

SIMONE SEES MY EYES EROTICALLY PEEKING AT ALICE HOTLY HOPING TO SEE HER LOVE-LIPS ================================================================================... ......

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Silkie tells Denis a sexy story/ Part three

The next day in biology, I was dissecting something with Bruce. Both of us had to get up and move around..........I noticed the boner he had........... I had seen it before, but today it was really ob... ......

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BBC Contract

I, Tramster16 agrees to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully: I will submit my mind, body and soul fully to Big B... ......

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3rd cuckold frm Delhi

Hi everyone, This was my real experience which happened 6 month back nd I thought to sharing it with you. Please do read my other real nd best experience fun which posted here. Coming back to the... ......

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Sexteen Simone Slow Seduction 1: Start

SIMONE AND I HAVE AN INTIMATE INTENSIVE BOND AS IF I AM HER HORNY GREAT GRANDFATHER! Simone and I are cunningly close - As close as two humans can - Simone has no idea: Simone LOVES ME Simone... ......

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Debbie and the curious Vicar bi

I had spent the night with Debbie and Tony, as usual we had a fantastic night. I stayed the night as I usually did. I woke up at 8am. It was a Sunday morning and Debs and Tony were already up and in t... ......

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Welcome to the neighbourhood

Welcome to the neighbourhood I am sitting in front of my note book on the balcony of my new apartment, enjoying the sun and trying to make some work. Because of a new position in our company... ......

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